2500 Bricks, 2019

Pattaya, Thailand

I photographed and filmed the process of making mud bricks for an art perfomance by Elin Eyborg.

‘Elin performed the movement, 2500 Bricks, at the Wonderfruit festival in Thailand fusing landscape architecture and choreography. A path of raw sundried mud bricks outlining the festival site, zooming in on the bricks expose their volumes juxtaposed as an urban landscape. Constructing the bricks and laying the path became the task making performance and using her approach to its full extent, she was able to activate the Thai brickmaking team and incorporate the workers in the performance. finishing in time for the opening of the festival. After the opening, the performance continued by inviting the festivalgoers to configure and customize the mud bricks into different formations. In this way an expected audience became active participants in the performance. In this final part of the performance the path was reconfigured into a new structure.’