Room F304, 2021-2023

Central St. Martins, UAL

Selection of work made during my MA.


Stale Mirror

A chair in the room faces a large printed image on the wall. The image is a CG rendering, appearing to mirror the physical chair and the opposite side of the room.


Bicycle Writing

A writing experiment and performance, riding a bicycle in a fixed position using a piece of training equipment, typing on a laptop and projecting behind me the text overlaid on an animation.

Part of my research between movement, cycling and the static labour of computer work, I wanted to explore a concept as a method. I’m interested in breaking down boundaries between the activities we consider separated between work and leisure. What is ‘work’ on the move? How would writing change if it was done cycling simultaneously? I tried to access a part of tacit knowledge that I’ve felt when cycling through landscapes. I documented my contemplations on what I observed and heard. Would I write more openly and honest? Might my intrusive thoughts spill out? My audience could see everything I wrote, as I wrote. Being aware of this, I couldn’t help adapt my writing, and therefore my thoughts, based on who was observing. Some people would ask me a question, I would reply in writing. The projection played a simple animation simulating a view behind me as if I was riding through a landscape.

Dora’s crit (Audience-Specific Screenplay)

I wrote a script based on what I expected my class to say in the crit.